I'm a Senior Research Hardware Design Engineer (Senior RHDE) in the Microsoft Research Technologies (MSR-T) lab, where I'm trying to solve hard computational challenges in data centers with hardware specialization. I joined Microsoft in 2012 after receiving the Ph.D degree in Electrical Engineering from KAIST with regard to energy efficient system-on-a-chip architecture for computer vision workloads. My research focuses on high performance yet energy efficient hardware architectures in the cloud/mobile era. I'm broadly interested in,

  •   Computer architecture and digital system design
  •   Hardware acceleration for compute intensive applications (data compression, augmented reality, machine learning)
  •   FPGA system design for large-scale data centers
  •   Low power System-on-Chip (SoC) implementation
  •   CPU-GPU-FPGA heterogeneous computing

  • You can see my curriculum vitae here: CV

    My wife Nakyung, my son Ryan and I live in Seattle area where we can enjoy decent city life as well as great outdoors like Mt. Rainier, Lake Washington, and Pacific Ocean. When I'm not watching my adorable, happy, energitic Ryan, I like to spent my time in listening music, watching movies/shows, or just RELAXING.